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At Solar Panels Milton Keynes we have been installing solar panels for several years, offering the best service we can and giving professional advice to householders and businesses to make significant savings on their energy bills, whilst offsetting their carbon footprint.  If you are looking for first-class service, friendly team and professional solar panels advice in Milton Keynes area, you have come to the right place!

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Get paid for electricity generated from solar panels

Feed-In Tariff (Solar Panels Grant)  is payable for 25 years from the date on which the system is commissioned.

Electricity generated and used is paid at a rate of 41.3p per kWh (21p for solar panels installed after 31 March 2012) Electricity generated and unused which has been fed back into the national grid is paid at a rate of 43.3p per kWh (31p for solar panels installed after 31 March 2012)

The rate per kWh is index linked and will go up each year in line with inflation, and it's tax free for individuals. Plus you use the energy you generate for FREE.

Solar Panels benefits

  • Can reduce your electricity bills by up to 100%, depending on your energy consumption rate and size of system purchased.
  • Sell power to the National Grid at better rates than your bank, even if you use it yourself.
  • Increases the value of your property.
  • No maintenance, with a long functional lifetime of 30+ years. PV solar installed in the 1960's is still working.
  • Silent in operation and contributes all year round.

Solar panels are our green future!

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